The cloud points is the result of 3D laser scanning and it's the ensemble of millions of points measured in a particular environment and placed in a space following a fixed system of reference. The cloud point is visible through specific software some of them freeware and it has got all the information of the survey. Importing it inside the software CAD or BIM assure a survey precision never reached until now. Sometimes the cloud point it's better in terms of time and money than the other processes because allow you to see a 3D image of the area detected, you can measure the distances among the points and make camparaison among the models.


Ortho images are photographs that have been geometrically corrected (roll, pitch, heading), in a way that the representation is uniformly and not twisted. It could be used also as a map to measure real distances to represent building plants (if taken from a cloud point slice) or bidimensional prospectus of architectonical elements even church cupole and volte. 3DSURVEY with specific software is able to extract ortho images both from a photo survey and a cloud points.


It's obviously possible the realisation of 2D projects, characterised by a more elevated detail than the traditional ones. The digitisation takes place by using laser orthogonal images (orthophotos) extracted from the cloud points or importing directly the cloud points inside the software CAD or BIM. 3DSURVEY offers two interesting solutions: processing and restitution complete with plants, projects and sections in CAD form (.dwg or .dxf) or in paper form in scale. It's also possible to give you files set for the restitution of orthophotos based on cloud points from which professionals can indipendently vectorialize the laser orthophotos provided at an extremely low cost.


We develop high quality 3D models particularly suitable for project and rendering activities and even for the animation. Infact, 3D model is particularly appropriate for the restitution and planning of complex buildings because it allows you to better perceive the shapes and the space; it is also very useful for the simulation of an inclusion of a new building piece. Furthermore, 3D model permits you to realize realphotos rendering of indoor and outdoor spaces taking care of every single detail. 3D animation allows you to virtually explore the interested area improving the perception of the detected spaces.


3D survey is necessary for the execution of specialised analysis of the structure: it is possible carrying out a wide range of analysis on the interested elements: testing geometries, shape, deformations, areas and of the structural decline. “Slices” to the clearances can be extracted from the cloud points in the position decided by the operator both in vertical and horizontal position; from these you can obtain every detailed development to put in evidence the point/s where the 3D model  planned “touch” in the cloud points.


The cloud points is essential in the complex industrial buildings survey. In this particular sector, where the alternation of machines, pipes, containers and support structures may develop in considerable height; infact they make really hard and not precise any other way of surveying. 3D laser scanner instead expresses its maximum potential. It's also possible, through the modern software, to reconstruct the structure of the facility as precisely as possible, in a short time and with the certainty to do not have forget any measure. The result of the surveying in addition to provide a full picture of the facility significantly simplifies the planning process of possible modifications and hardly reduce the time of stop in the production.


The characteristics of speed, precision, accuracy and versatility of the laserscanner surveys are essential in many construction activities. The speed of data acquisition allows to reduce the downtime of the yard and the presence of foreign personnel with not negligible reflections also for the purpose of safety management. Precision and accuracy mean that the data obtained are free from possible errors made by the operators at the measurement stage and prevent other errors from being made during the graphic processing of the survey. The quantity, the quality and the completeness of the acquired data allow the use of the laserscanner survey for multiple activities: from the yard accounting, to the as built design verifications, to the precision machining as the realization of continuous facades, cladding, decorative or protective elements regardless of the complexity of their shape and size. The data, once processed and inserted in dedicated softwares, can be managed by numerically controlled machines to generate prototypes or finite elements or to produce objects with 3D printers.


Virtual tour is an interactive path composed by several 360° spherical pictures. This is an important tool to let people know businnesses on the web enhancing their own image. 3DSURVEY is a certified google street view professional.