3D surveying technology has become more and more important in recent years. The devices used allow us to obtain large quantities of 3D data in a few time and with an extreme accuracy unthinkable with the common hand surveys. These data as a whole is called cloud points. This huge quantity of information make possible the right morphometric recosntruction of buildings, machineries, outdoor areas and far away objects.There are several employment fields: small and big infrastructures, architecture, mechanic, archeology, geology, plant building, boat industry, town planning etc...


There are 3 big laser scanner devices families: flying time, phase variation and triangulation. The first has got extents till some km but very long time of acquisition with a precision of some centimetres; the second are more precise and faster but with extents of about 200 metres with a precison of some millimeters; the latter instead can detect with a very strong accuracy even the smallest object with a precison of a hundredth of a millimeter. Data coming from the cloud points could be also integrated with photogrammetrical surveying made with a drone for any particular need.